March 21, 1996//I Didn’t Feel like Writing for a While - Back!

I have been so busy with school that I haven’t been writing in my journal. Tennis tryouts are today. I want to make it on the team but I wish I had the time. But I’m willing to put in the effort. Just so I can feel like I’m good at something, for once. Homeroom Boy is trying out as well. I hope that if I make it, he does too. And if I don’t make it, he doesn’t either. Or maybe I make it and not him. 

March 17, 1996//St. Patrick’s Day

I told Roopa who I liked. Big mistake - I have to take it back. I promised her last year that I was over Homeroom Boy. I don’t care if she knows I like Bio Class Cutie. Mr. Math Class is okay, too, I guess. Why am I such a turnoff to guys, though? 

Ami B. Homeroom Boy

…. NOT.

March 15, 1996//Life Isn’t Fair

I think I’m leaning towards leaving AB. I don’t know, opportunities like this aren’t common or easy to get. I actually wasn’t expecting to get in [to Concord Academy], but I did. Maybe some good will come out. I still like Homeroom Boy. It’s not fair, why does he hate me? Life isn’t always fair, I suppose. 

March 14, 1996// My ‘Stag Life’

Homeroom Boy definitely doesn’t <3 me. I really wish he did. Three years is a really long time to like someone. I’m so upset. I wish I was pretty so he would <3 me, too. I wish I was supermodel pretty. Then he would ask me to the semi-formal. But I’m not, and he won’t. I swear, I’m destined for a stag life. No one has EVER liked me. Guy-wise, that is. Maybe if I go to CA, that will change. I dunno. I’m not used to change. 

March 13, 1996//Leap of Faith

What if my social standing at AB is as high as it will ever be? What if going to Concord Academy turns out to be a terrible mistake? I really couldn’t care less about the academic part of high school because I can’t go wrong there either way. It won’t be a problem. But the social aspect of it will definitely be a problem. What a decision. I really wish I had help. Anyway, at least I got in. 

March 12, 1996//The Fat Envelope

Today I got admission into Concord Academy. I was SO not expecting it. I still can’t believe it. Of course, I don’t know if I’ll go, but I can make my own choice now. What if I am a really big loser there. I really wish I knew how to make the right decision. 

January 1996//Brianne and Kelly (ORIGINAL FICTION) - Part 4

Kelly fought with my parents a a LOT, usually defending her friends. “Maybe Jaclyn has a rep, but what’s in a rep? She’s cool, she’s straight-edge!” and “I like Darren. He used to get wasted a lot but he’s ok!” 

Yeah, right. That was freshman year, my senior year. My graduation was the greatest time of my life. I didn’t see Kelly there, though, and I was thoroughly disappointed. 


I am now officially over the following things:

1) My ex-friendship with E. & A. 

2) Making fun of innocent people.

3) Slacking off

4) Brad Pitt

5) Full House Reruns

March 4, 1996//Star-cross’d lovers…

Homeroom Boy spoke to me today! He said, “whadya do in English?” And I said, “We had a pop quiz on the prologue of Romeo and Juliet.” Somehow, making a good impression on Homeroom Boy means so much to me that I subconsciously restrain myself from making a fool out of myself in front of him. 

Feb. 8, 1996// Little Words Big Thoughts

Ditched again

life sux

Love Homeroom Boy

Made fool out of self.

Love Homeroom Boy

Thinks I am dork.